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The object of the game is to earn points by completing objectives. There are three types of objectives: Plot, Gardener and Panda. Players start with one of each type.

Each turn consists of 2 steps:

  1. Determine weather (except in the players first turn)
  2. Perform 2 different actions, place any number of improvements and irrigation channels, and complete any number of objectives

Weather types (always optional)

  • Sun - take a 3rd action
  • Rain - grow 1 bamboo on any irrigated plot
  • Wind - may take two identical actions this turn
  • Storm - move panda to any plot and he eats a bamboo as normal
  • Clouds - take an improvement chip from the bank of 3 watersheds, 3 fertilizers, and 3 enclosures. If no chips are available, choose 1 of the other 4 types of weather
  • Question mark - choose any 1 of the 5 types of weather


  • Plots - draw 3 plot tiles and place one in the garden
  • Irrigation - Take an irrigation channel from the reserve. Either place it immediately or store it in your reserve for later use.
  • Gardener - Move the gardener any number of garden tiles in a straight line (can not jump over gaps) and then grow bamboo.
  • Panda - Move the panda any number of garden tiles in a straight line (can not jump over gaps) and then eat a bamboo section. The bamboo is then placed in your reserve.
  • Objective - Take another objective card from one of the 3 decks. There is a hand limit of 5 cards. If the selected plot or gardener objective is already reflected in the current state of the garden, the objective is placed at the bottom of the deck and a subsequent objective may be selected. This is the only situation where an action can be cancelled, and a different action can be taken.

Plot Distribution

28 plots in total consisting of:

  • 12 green plots: 5 blank, 2 watershed, 2 fertilizer, 2 enclosure
  • 9 yellow plots: 5 blank, 1 watershed, 1 fertilizer, 1 enclosure
  • 7 pink plots: 4 blank, 1 watershed, 1 fertilizer, 1 enclosure

Plots can only be placed adjacent to the pond or in a spot next to 2 other existing plots.

Improvements Improvements need to have been picked up during a previous Clouds weather action in order to be placed as soon as a plot is added to the garden. Once you have an improvement in your reserve, click on the desired improvement from the panel on the right (a red box should appear around it) and then select the plot on the board where you wish to place the improvement. Improvements can only be placed on plots with no bamboo or any other improvement (completely blank). Once an improvement is placed, it cannot be changed. Placing an improvement from your reserve does NOT use up one of your actions for that turn.

Irrigation Channels Irrigation channels picked up in a previous Irrigation action may be placed on the board at any time during your turn. Once you have an irrigation channel in your reserve, click on the channel from your panel on the right (a red box should appear around it) and then place the irrigation channel between any two plots (the game allows you to place an irrigation beside the pond, but that is a wasted move as any of the 6 plots directly beside the pond are considered to be irrigated automatically). Placing an irrigation channel from your reserve does NOT use up one of your actions for that turn.

When a plot is irrigated for the first time it grows bamboo. A plot with a watershed improvement is also considered to be irrigated automatically for plot and gardening purposes, but not for placing irrigation channels. Irrigation channels must always have a connection path back to the central pond either directly or via previous irrigation channels.

Growing Bamboo The gardener grows bamboo on the plot that he moves to and all adjacent irrigated plots of the same color. Bamboo stalks normally grow 1 taller with every valid gardener or Rain weather action. However, if the plot has a fertilizer improvement, the bamboo stalk will grow 2 taller with every valid garderner or Rain weather action. Bamboo stalks grow up to a maximum height of 4.

Eating Bamboo The panda normally eats 1 bamboo from any plot that he moves to either using the Panda action or the Storm weather action. However, the panda can NOT eat any bamboo from a plot with an enclosure improvement.

Completing objectives

Game ends when a certain number of objectives have been completed.

  • 2 players - 9 objectives
  • 3 players - 8 objectives
  • 4 players - 7 objectives

A player can complete any number of objectives any time during their turn. They may do so if their objective card is matched by the conditions of the garden at that time (for plot and gardener objectives), or if a player has the correct amount of bamboo for panda objectives. A completed objective is never lost, even if the garden conditions change later in the game.

Plot objectives are completed when the garden configuration shown on the card is reflected in the garden with all the component plots irrigated. Gardener objectives are completed when a matching bamboo towers of the matching colour and base is reflected in the garden. Panda objectives are completed by returning the matching amount of bamboo from your reserve to the supply.

The first player to complete the required number of objectives triggers the final round and receives the Emperor card, scoring 2 bonus points. The other players have a final turn. After they finish, the highest score wins. If the score is tied, the tie breaker is the number of points on panda objectives. If the score is still tied then all tied players win.

List of objectives

I. Plot Objectives (15 total)

Straights, curves and triangles all consist of 3 tiles. Diamonds consist of 4 tiles.

  • Green Triangle - 2 pts
  • Green Straight - 2 pts
  • Green Curve - 2 pts
  • Green Diamond - 3 pts
  • Yellow Triangle - 3 pts
  • Yellow Straight - 3 pts
  • Yellow Curve - 3 pts
  • Yellow Diamond - 4 pts
  • Pink Triangle - 4 pts
  • Pink Straight - 4 pts
  • Pink Curve - 4 pts
  • Pink Diamond - 5 pts
  • Yellow/Green Diamond - 3 pts
  • Pink/Green Diamond - 4 pts
  • Yellow/Pink Diamond - 5 pts
Plot Colour Triangle of 3 Straight of 3 Bend of 3 Diamond of 4 Diamond of 4 with NW-SE diagonal
(see note below)
Green 2 pts 2 pts 2 pts 3 pts
Yellow 3 pts 3 pts 3 pts 4 pts
Pink 4 pts 4 pts 4 pts 5 pts
Green / Yellow 3 pts
Green / Pink 4 pts
Yellow / Pink 5 pts
  • NOTE: as long as the diagonal between the 2 colours can be seen to go from top-left to bottom-right, the plot can be sideways or upside down with respect to what is seen on the objective card (you can turn your head sideways to check since you are playing online and, unlike live play, you won't give away information about what objective you are holding!)

II. Gardener Objectives (15 total)

  • 4 Tall on Green w/ Fertilizer - 3 pts
  • 4 Tall on Green w/ Enclosure - 4 pts
  • 4 Tall on Green w/ Watershed - 4 pts
  • 4 Tall on Green w/ NO Improvements - 5 pts
  • 3 Tall on 4 Greens - 8 pts
  • 4 Tall on Yellow w/ Fertilizer - 4 pts
  • 4 Tall on Yellow w/ Enclosure - 5 pts
  • 4 Tall on Yellow w/ Watershed - 5 pts
  • 4 Tall on Yellow w/ NO Improvements - 6 pts
  • 3 Tall on 3 Yellows - 7 pts
  • 4 Tall on Pink w/ Fertilizer - 5 pts
  • 4 Tall on Pink w/ Enclosure - 6 pts
  • 4 Tall on Pink w/ Watershed - 6 pts
  • 4 Tall on Pink w/ NO Improvements - 7 pts
  • 3 Tall on 2 Pinks - 6 pts
Bamboo Colour Height Fertilizer Base Watershed Base Enclosure Base Blank Base Any 2 Pink Bases Any 3 Yellow Bases Any 4 Green Bases
Green 4-high 3 pts 4 pts 4 pts 5 pts
Green 3-high 8 pts
Yellow 4-high 4 pts 5 pts 5 pts 6 pts
Yellow 3-high 7 pts
Pink 4-high 5 pts 6 pts 6 pts 7 pts
Pink 3-high 6 pts

III. Panda Objectives (15 total)

  • 2 Green - 3 points (x5 cards)
  • 2 Yellow - 4 pts (x4)
  • 2 Pink - 5 pts (x3)
  • 1 Green, 1 Yellow, 1 Pink - 6 pts (x3)
Panda Objective Number Available Point Value
Green Bamboo x2 5 3 pts
Yellow Bamboo x2 4 4 pts
Pink Bamboo x2 3 5 pts
Green Bamboo x1,
Yellow Bamboo x1,
Pink Bamboo x1
3 6 pts