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In a standard game of Hanabi, there are 5 colors of cards of value 1 to 5. In each suit there are

-three 1s

-two 2s

-two 3s

-two 4s

-one 5

About "cheating"

In the "real life Hanabi", you can talk. That's why we chose to let the chat open for the online version.

As a consequence, it is very easy to cheat at Hanabi. However, as you can imagine, cheating is very stupid and has no interest... except for ELO boosting. This is why there is no international ranking for this game (ie: best player, second best player) and no trophies associated to it.

ELO rating

If you are playing with ELO rating on, your ELO may be changed at the end of the game.

Here is how it works:

1) Every player on the team is temporarily considered as having the average ELO rating of the team.

2) The system will generate a bot associated with the score your team has achieved (let’s call it Hanabot). Hanabot’s ELO rating depends on the variant you are playing (50 cards, 60 cards, 60 cards multicolor), the number of players on the team and, most importantly, your team's score. All Hanabot’s ELO ratings have been set by an experienced player, they are not random or simply proportional to the score/number of players.

3) Your team (actually your team's average ELO) will now compete against Hanabot. The system will calculate your team’s ELO gain/loss as though your team had tied with Hanabot. If your score is below 18 (50-card game) or below 21 (60-card game), Hanabot's ELO is always 1000.

FYI, you can find all bots' ELO ratings here:

The 55-card variant (50 cards + 1 of each value in the sixth color) cannot be played with ELO rating on. This is because this variant is highly dependent on draw and a team’s score may not always reflect the players’ skills.

A loss (3 Strike tokens) is the same as a score of 0.

If you achieve the perfect score and this should cost you ELO points, you will be considered as having beaten the bot associated with the score, so that you lose no ELO points.