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The board game has 6x6 spaces on which pieces can move. A player wins when he can put a piece on his opponent's goal.

The pieces

There are 4 pieces of each type, the simple rings (1 move), the double rings (2 moves) and the triple rings (3 moves). All of the pieces have the same color, and a player can only move a piece if this one is on the first non-empty row.

Starting Positions

Players choose their starting arrangement on their first row. Each one has 2 pieces of each type. The first player (South) puts his pieces on its first row. Then the second player does the same. And the game starts: each player moves a (one) piece in a turn.

Move of a Piece

A piece moves of as many spaces (neither more nor less) than it has rings.

A piece moves from space to space orthogonally and spaces must be empty (a piece cannot pace through another piece). All four directions are allowed, but moving diagonal is forbidden.

When the last move of a piece reaches an occupied space, the player has two choices: Bounce or Replace

Bounce: The piece bounces on the reached piece of as many moves as this piece has rings. A piece can bounce off several pieces. Beware: when a piece bounces on a triple, for example, you must make 2 moves before bouncing again.

Replace: When a piece lands on an occupied space you may leave it there and move the landed on piece to any free space on the board, except behind the opponent's first line. A piece can move, bounce one or more times, and finish his move on an occupied space and replace it.

The move of a piece can sometimes be long and complex, but it is often the only way to reach the goal: Put a piece on the opponent's goal!

Forbidden moves

  • A piece, during his move, can only pass through a space one time.
  • A piece can't pass through a goal. He can only reach it.
  • A piece can't pass through another piece.
  • To win, a piece must finish his move exactly on the goal.
  • A replaced piece can't be put beyond the opponent's first line.