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Summary of the game

I - Farming:

A) Sowing: the first player draws 5 Food cards twice and places them in order
B) Harvest: in turn order, each player chooses one of the 2-card columns
C) New turn order: depending on the columns that are chosen, a new turn order arises

II - Expansion: each player, in turn order, performs all of the actions below.

A) New huts: the player places a number of huts corresponding to the value of the Expansion of the current turn
B) Resupplying: using their cards, the player resupplies their huts
C) Famine: unsupplied huts are removed from the board
D) Wells: the player may place wells on the intersection of 3 hexagons on which they have huts
E) Revenue & prestige: the player earns camels and scores points

III - Actions: each player, in turn order, spends their camels (totally or in part)

A) Build / extend a ziggurat
B) Create intrigue in Assur
C) Make an offering to the gods
D) Buy a Plow or Food card

End of turn: If this is not the end of a Reign, place a new Expansion card. Otherwise, a Flood takes place.

Flood Floods mark the end of a Reign. The first Reign ends after 2 game turns. The second and third Reigns end after 3 turns.

I) Flooding: each hut located on the river is removed
II) Assur: the players count their influence and score points depending on the Expansion cards of the current Reign
III) Dignitaries: the players score bonuses depending on the dignitaries on whose spaces they are placed
IV) Offerings: the players multiply their position on the offerings tracks with the number of ziggurats they own on the board
V) Next reign : place the Bonus card (4-players); place a new Expansion card.

At the end of the 3rd Reign, players score 1 point per ziggurat tile, 1 point per Plow card and 1 point for each group of 2 remaining camels.